Maintenance Inspection Program

Maintenance Inspection Program

Built with the primary goal of providing our customers an overall assessment of the condition of their facility, we are able to provide insight and suggestions on preventative, corrective, perfective and adaptive maintenance.

We have been performing quarterly inspections for multiple customers to date, and have received excellent feedback. Customers state that the reports and suggested corrective actions provided are invaluable for maintenance planning, helping to cultivate an efficient and cost effective maintenance program.

While our inspections primarily cover equipment, we are more than capable of tailoring reports to include items such as buildings and access structures. A checklist of items to be covered is developed in advance of the first inspection, and is used to gauge the time and expenses allotted. Small facilities typically take four hours, while larger facilities can take between one to two days. An assessment can be provided in advance to determine the duration requirements and subsequent related costs.

Facilities Operating at Their Best

With over 45 years in Industrial Manufacturing and Maintenance and knowledgeable staff that are attentive to details, we are well versed in what is needed to keep facilities operating at their best. Utilizing these skills, the Initial Plant Visit Checklist is developed and acts as a baseline for future inspections and reporting. This initial site visit requires the attendance of a customer supplied maintenance personnel who will provide specific knowledge of all equipment requiring maintenance.

Once the inspection has been completed, you will receive an inspection report developed by our Engineering Department describing the condition of each assessed area, and the urgency of the required maintenance or repair work.

Millwrights on Hand

As an additional further service, in the event that your own maintenance department is too busy or understaffed we are ready to provide an estimated cost to perform the maintenance/repair work ourselves. Various customers have chosen to have Mainland Millwrights perform the maintenance and/or repair work related to the inspections in parallel with their own maintenance department personnel.

Cultivating efficient, cost effective maintenance.

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