Industrial Agriculture

Industrial Agriculture

Whether you are looking to overhaul, improve, or expand an existing design, or start from scratch, Mainland Machinery is a one-stop solution for all your industrial agriculture needs. We offer everything including CAD design, fabrication, and installation and we see every project through from start to finish so that you can be sure your project is in safe hands from the design stage to the moment that it’s up and running.

A History of Industrial Agriculture

Mainland Machinery got its start servicing the Canadian industrial agricultural sector, and we have been a proud supplier of custom structures and storage bins for major commercial feed mills in BC and Alberta for over 40 years. Although we offer a wide range of standard industrial agriculture products and services, our team of expert engineers can also design custom equipment specifically tailored to the needs of your industrial agriculture project.

Agricultural products

  • Field Erected Storage Tanks
  •  Material Handling Solutions
  •  Conveyors
  •  Feed Mills
  •  Hoppers
  •  Silos

All of our products are rigorously tested and conform to all the latest certifications for health, safety and environment, and often exceed these standards. We are also pleased to be able to provide the very best in customer service where we are able to offer consultation, design, fabrication, and installation services with a single phone call. We guarantee our products to be of the very best quality and durability as anything you will find on the market, all while being safe and easy to use.

Our customers know that they are in safe hands when they trust us with their project, which is why so many have returned when they have needed upgrades or expansions to their mills. By providing our customers with the very best structures and equipment we ensure that their project has added value, added uptime, added productivity, and added profitability.

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