Pump Box

Shale and oil sands

Pump boxes, also known as slurry pumps, are most commonly used in the mining and oil and gas industries, and are used to separate a liquid from a solid. In the oil and gas industry specifically, pump boxes are used to separate oil from oversized solids in order to produce a mixture of liquid and semi-solids, called a slurry, which is then ready for pipelining. In this process, materials are screened, mechanically agitated, and conditioned so that the resultant slurry can be easily pipelined to a processing facility.

How can Mainland Machinery help?

Mainland Machinery has been a trusted supplier of custom fabrications and industrial equipment for the mining, and oil and natural gas sectors, for over forty years. We can custom build pump boxes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your project as well as all other fabrications your project may need for material transportation and containment.

Our friendly and professional team of engineers is equipped to handle any project that can be thrown at them and they are no strangers to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. We handle every phase of production in house so that our customers know that they can get a complete solution with just a single phone call.

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Safety is always first

We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted names in the industry for our superior health and safety record. All of our equipment conforms to the latest health, safety, and environmental standards and certifications, in fact, we strive to design and fabricate equipment that far exceeds the most common HSE standards.

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