Biomass Preparation System

Biomass Preparation System

The unique challenges of biomass containment

A Biomass Preparation System is also known as a micronizer. It refers to a wide array of plant materials such as grasses and crop residues that are most often used as fuel or feedstock. It represents a particular materials handling challenge because of the fact that process systems typically demand a uniformity of several parameters such as particle size, moisture content, and density, but when harvested or delivered biomass crops such as wood chips, grasses, stalks, and corn cobs are anything but uniform.

Under normal operating conditions biomass is also a very challenging material to handle, process, and store as its resistance to being moved often causes problems for receiving and processing equipment. Whether it is handled dry or wet, each scenario represents a particular set of challenges to be considered so it can be processed and properly converted into mulch, feed, or fuel.

How can Mainland Machinery help?

At Mainland we have the ability to solve all the challenges presented by biomass handling and preparation including:

  • Truck receiving/unloading
  • Conveying
  • Metering
  • Screening
  • Size Reduction
  • Storage

We represent a one-stop solution for any project requiring biomass preparation by custom fabricating all the equipment necessary including conveyor belts, vibration feeders, telescopic chutes, transportation equipment, and log shakers.

Designed according to your needs

At Mainland Machinery, we are able to see a project through from beginning to end because every phase can be handled inhouse without the need to source several suppliers. All of our fabrications and machinery are designed to be safe and easy to use and take the needs of your particular project into careful consideration. Our equipment is also designed to conform, and even exceed, the latest and most stringent safety standards and certifications.

We pride ourselves on being a company that acts as a willing partner in shepherding each project through its many phases by offering constant friendly customer support. From design, prototyping, engineering, fabrication, and installation, we add value to every project by ensuring that it is done right and delivered on time.

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