Hydraulic Catwalk System

Safe handling of pipes and tubulars

Hydraulic catwalks are most often used on drilling rigs and are designed for the safe transportation of pipes and tubulars, in and out of the drill floor. Hydraulic catwalks have been proven to create safer and more productive drill sites by reducing or eliminating the direct handling of tubulars and large equipment. Hydraulic catwalks also typically come with remote control devices to further ensure worker safety during operation.

How can Mainland Machinery help?

We have become recognized as a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic catwalks servicing projects across many industrial sectors. We can custom build any hydraulic catwalk to meet the specific needs of your rig or derrick by building a fast and reliable system that will fit seamlessly into your project.

Our expert team of engineers is ready to consult with you and lead your project along the right path. Because all of the phases of production can be handled in our facility we are able to guarantee our customers some of the fastest lead times in the industry. This means less downtime and increased productivity for your facility.

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Commitment to safety

At Mainland Machinery, we take health and safety seriously. All of our equipment is designed to be safe and easy to use and conforms to the latest health, safety and environmental standards and certifications. We go to great lengths to ensure that our equipment exceeds the minimum standards.

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