Double Wall Tank

The Double Wall Tank

Double-walled tanks are swiftly becoming the ideal containment choice for drilling fluid and just about any other environmentally-sensitive liquid. Mainland Machinery started building double wall tanks in 2007 and now has updated designs for our single and split compartment tanks.

Safe storage and handling

At Mainland Machinery, health and safety is a top priority and we continuously strive to ensure that our double wall tanks exceed HSE best practices, standards and certification requirements. Our tanks are subjected to rigorous leak and fire testing to ensure that when they are utilized they will offer our customers peace of mind that their materials are properly and safely contained.

Double-wall tanks are safe by virtue of their design that allows continuous monitoring conforming to the secondary containment requirements of the SPCC specifications. All double walled tanks are constructed to meet and exceed both U.L. Type I and Type II standards as well as local and regional requirements and safety codes.

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Features and Specifications

  • 100m³ total containment volume
  • 40m³ internal overflow capacity
  • Wireless fluid monitoring and control, audible and visible alarms
  • Fill warning with computerized shut-off max levels
  • 20 HP pump skid

Customized to your industrial needs

At Mainland, we insure that any double-walled tanks that we manufacture can be integrated into your project by providing the option to custom build tanks that are specifically tailored to your needs all without compromising safety.

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