Our Team


Paul Hiebert



Dave Hiebert

VP, Production Manager


Henry Hiebert



Engineering & Design and Project Management

Wes Dyck

Engineering Manager

Direct: 604-743-3103 Mobile: 604-835-2931

Vladimir Brovine

Manager, Custom Projects

Direct: 604-743-3135 Mobile: 604-613-7434

Jim Gole, P.Eng

Project Engineer

Direct: 604-743-3104

John Has

Project Manager

604-854-4244 x120

Kevin Edwards

Senior Mechanical Engineer

604-854-4244 x143

Anthony Hon

Mechanical Designer

604-854-4244 x128

Gary Chen, P.Eng

Design Engineer

604-854-4244 x131


William (Bill) Kendall, SCMP, CPM, CPIM

Operations & Purchasing Manager

Direct: 604-743-3106

Terry Robinson

Shop Foreman

Direct: 604-743-3112  Mobile: 604-835-2933

Nathan Gole

Quality Assurance Manager

Direct: 604-743-3130

Chris Morgan

Parts Foreman

Direct: 604-743-3133 Mobile: 604-835-3553

Wayne Soderquist

Shop Foreman

604-854-4244 x151 Mobile: 604-866-3853

Gary Tatton

Site Foreman


Dennis Clark

Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

Sales & Marketing

Graham Syme

Technical Sales Manager

Direct: 604-743-3125 Mobile: 604-835-1460

Nicole Wiebe

Marketing & Sales Communications Coordinator

Direct: 604-743-3108

Keith Neufeld

Senior Estimator

604-854-4244 x113

Raul Tobias


604-854-4244 x126

Business Administration & Support Service

David Quon

Chief Financial Officer

Direct: 604-743-3111

Lisa Robinson

HR Manager

Direct: 604-743-3121

Elsie Fehr

Accounts Administrator

604-854-4244 x117

Mitch Corkum

Systems Analyst

604-854-4244 x129

Pat Calfas

Reception & Payables Processing


Nancy Brewis

Document Control Administrator

604-854-4244 x127

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