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Mainland Machinery Mission

Mainland Machinery Mission Statement

“We are a team oriented steel fabrication company that is in tune with our customer’s needs and dedicated to providing innovative solutions from design, to fabrication and installation.”

Team Oriented

We believe that our approach to team work is a key to our success. Whether among co-workers, working with our suppliers or interacting with customers, we value an atmosphere of collaboration.

The team oriented vibe is truly felt within our workplace. We have avoided the far too typical gaps between engineering and production, management and employees; instead we foster an all for one environment, where the focus is on getting things done.

Steel Fabrication

At Mainland Machinery the majority of our projects are in steel fabrication, but that’s not all we do. We are an industry leader in custom fabrication and industrial design and offer a diverse and skilled workforce that provides quality services in machining, millwrighting, mechanical and hydraulic system installations.

In Tune

Instead of imposing our ideas, we seek to understand and implement the specific needs of our customers, turning their vision into a reality. By listening to, or being “in tune” with our customers we hope to exceed their expectations through all stages of their project.

Innovative Solutions

Our love for problem solving contributes a great deal to the love we have for our work. Whether looking to improve an internal process, or taking on a customer’s challenging project, we enjoy any opportunity to implement an innovative solution. Faced with a challenge that utilizes our skills and creativity energized the staff at Mainland, so no matter how big or small your project, you can rest assured that Mainland will provide you with the best the industry has to offer.

Design, Fabrication, Installation

Mainland Machinery is a “one-stop” solution for your industrial design and custom fabrication needs. Whether you have a question about our engineers’ design, need more information on the benefits of CAD technology, or want details about our repair and maintenance services, our skilled team of experts is there for you through every stage of your project.

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