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Who should join the Mainland Machinery team?

At the heart of Mainland Machinery is a group of innovative thinkers and hardworking individuals who are passionate about their work, and in delivering greater value to every project they work on. Achieving a healthy balance between work and life is important to everyone at Mainland Machinery, and we believe that giving our employees the opportunity to achieve this balance results in a team of professionals that is committed to quality, integrity and safety.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to develop your skills and jumpstart your career, working with Mainland Machinery might be right for you. If you’re looking to be part of team that works together, challenges each of its members to grow, and works diligently with a hunger to deliver top quality results, then a career with us is definitely something you should consider.

How can balancing life at the office and life at home strengthen a company?

At Mainland Machinery we value members of our team to the very core of their individuality. We understand that it’s not through sucking the last ounce of stamina from a talented employee that you get the most out them, but by giving them the freedom to flourish. At Mainland Machinery, if you are willing work hard and deliver results you will enjoy the benefits of a respectful workplace and flexible scheduling.

While working for us, you will be surrounded by talented individuals who are the best in their field; you will be positioned in a working environment that is most conducive to drawing upon your skills so that you can do your best work. And you will have the chance to grow through regular feedback from top management and with our specialized skill development-training plan.

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If a career with Mainland Machinery sounds like the opportunity you are looking for, don’t hesitate to forward your resume to: resume@mainlandmachinery.com

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