Letter From the President

Mainland Machinery Mission

Letter From the President

Why Mainland?

From our welders, to engineers, to top management, there are in fact three ‘whys’ which hold equal value to us:

1. Listening to Care
2. Quality from Safety
3. Living out our Values;

Allow me to expand on each of these.

Listening & Caring

We want to be completely in tune with the needs of those around us. We understand that listening respects the speaker and is also the most efficient way to gain insight into people’s needs. When we listen thoughtfully to our customers’ projects we can discover the details that take a project from mediocre to excellent. Likewise, when we engage thoughtfully in listening to our ever-growing staff and technical teams we are equipped to meet the needs of our team.

In today’s world of digital communications, slowing down to engage in dialogue and practicing “listening to care” is an investment in our clients and employees.

Quality from Safety

Like you, after a full day I want to go home, engage in things outside work, and get a good night’s rest. I am not alone in this, so I ensure first and foremost that every Mainland employee gets home as well.

With our in-house safety program, we can focus on producing quality fabrication and heavy industrial products without interruption. When our site, facilities, and work processes are in good standing, Mainland’s team is ready to go to work. We are committed to “safety first and always.” This culture has ensured top industry sector marks in our COR audits both in-house and in-field. With the health and safety programs in place to protect Mainland’s team, our attention can be focused on your project’s overall success.

 Living out our Values

There is a lot of talk these days about “values”. Talk is cheap unless I can actually demonstrate and live out what my brother and I stand for and what you expect in life as well as in business.

Dave and I grew up in this business and now our dad is in the process of transferring ownership and leadership to us. When he started this business back in 1971, dad did it to care for his family. He focused on listening to customers, showed respect to all, delivered quality workmanship, and lived a life of integrity. Our goal is to carry on that tradition. When we take the time to carefully listen, make that extra effort to deliver top-notch products and services, and focus on the safety of those who work with us, we are demonstrating everything you need to know about Mainland.


Paul Hiebert
Mainland Machinery | 2 Generations | 45+ Years | Over 1 Million Shop Hours

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